Laila Ali: A Passionate Advocate for Family Dentists

Family Dentist Aurora ILLaila Ali is a retired American professional boxer. Two words from that sentence will pop out to you—Ali and boxer. Yes, you are correct. Laila Ali is the daughter of retired heavyweight boxing legend, Muhammad Ali.
For a long time, Ali was pitted against some tough competition that included Jackie Frazier-Lyde and Christy Martin. She risked face and body injuries, but she continually came out on top. Now outside of the ring, Ali helps fight with her family against tooth decay and gum disease.

Ali vs. Parenting Challenges

Parenting is a tough job, and like many parents, Ali has trouble getting her two kids, C.J. and Sydney, into the habit of brushing their teeth, twice a day. During an interview with People magazine, Ali revealed some great advice for optimal oral health. In Aurora, family dentist, Dr. Nasima Thobani, finds this advice quite important for the entire family!

Using toothpaste at a young age

For children two and under, give them a soft-bristle toothbrush and a little water. From ages two to six, instruct them to put pea-sized dabs of toothpaste on their brush, and make sure to tell them to spit toothpaste out after they are done brushing. Some kids will be tempted to swallow it. As they get older, kids can gradually use more toothpaste.

Teaching kids to floss

Start teaching kids to floss at a young age, so they will consider it a part of their routine as they get older. Parents can help their children floss permanent and primary baby teeth. Between the ages of two and six, teeth start to come together, so it’s important that parents teach their kids how to properly floss.
Towards the end of Laila’s interview, she left People and parents with great advice. “I know that in today’s supercharged world, it may seem difficult to find two minutes to do anything. But believe me when I say that the smiles on your kids’ faces will be worth it,” Laila Ali asserts.
Taking care of teeth at home is a great way to keep teeth healthy. However, don’t forget to schedule regular checkups for your entire family with your family dentist in Aurora.
What techniques help your kids maintain proper oral hygiene? We are excited to read our patients’ feedback!

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